Race Analytics

Knowledge is power. Give your participants the opportunity to interact with your results website. Our powerful new visual display of race results adds another dimension to our already popular and easy to use results site.

Sports Event Services new ‘Results Map’ of finish line results is a fantastic way to keep your participants engaged with your event… for longer.

The best visual representation of results yet! Click the image to test it out!


We were bored of seeing the same old results display at every event out there. As avid athletes at Sports Event Services, we asked ourselves what would we could do differently with our results display.

Don’t get us wrong, we love crunching the data and viewing times, places, positions and we still do. We just wanted to give participants something more to pore over.

Features of our race map results display

Wouldn’t it be great to see how you compared to your friends on a map…well, we did it. And we love it. We hope you do too.


  • Compare with friends
  • Team comparisons
  • Finish line results and positions
  • Positioning percentiles
  • Start vs Finish rate comparisons
  • Access full results
  • Access event photographs

Event organisers

  • Embed sponsor logos for greater traction
  • Hyperlink directly through to sponsor offers
  • Participant add on feature to help your event stand out

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