Live Tracking & Results

Maximise your athlete experience with our real-time, live results and tracking service by Sports Event Services.

The team at Sports Event Services are dedicated to providing your event with the latest in race day tracking technologies. Live tracking of athlete offers the spectator a fantastic opportunity to engage with the event. Our live tracking software follows the progress of athletes on course with live results and updates to ensure you don’t miss a moment.

Features for spectators

Spectators, family and friends can track the progress of their athlete and enjoy live athlete tracking, no matter where you are in the world. Below are some of the features we provide to enhance the overall experience of spectators tuning in to the event.

  • Real time data feeds with live course updates
  • Track athlete progress on course including your ‘favourites’
  • Athlete metrics such as pace, speed, time, placing
  • Expected time of arrival at the finish line
  • Expected time of arrival at next check point

Features for events/organisers

Keep your spectators entertained and engaged as the race unfolds with Sports Event Services live tracking service. Our team provide the following features to help on ground teams such as commentators, medical services and event operations.

  • Custom branding
  • Easy to use iPads with live results for commentary team
  • Website integration
  • Increased sponsor, spectator and athlete engagement
  • Check point status and flow rates
  • Athlete whereabouts on course
  • Athlete finish status and updates
  • Estimated arrival time of participants

How it works

Our team of experienced event timers, place a series of GPS positioned devices on course at pre-set intervals. For example, every 5km on course, turning points or other pre-defined locations. Our web results site is based on a cloud server here in Australia, meaning reliable and quick access

Participant timing chips are activated and a timestamp broadcast to our results processing engine. This location transmitted will then be processed and displayed within our live tracking software.

Ready to Elevate Your Sports Event?

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