Data Management

It’s the things you don’t see that can make a big difference. At Sports Event Services, we are timing professionals. We understand that accurate data management is a critical process that is often overlooked. We take pride in offering the very data management procedures, so you can rely on data being accurate and reliable – always. When it comes to timing, our data cleaning and management process starts well before event day.

Data checks and cleaning

There is nothing worse than having the an incorrectly registered gender win an event. We have seen it happen at other events, and it is not only embarrassing for the participant, but the event itself.

Our experienced team carry out a series of pre and post event data checks to ensure accurate information is presented on race day. From gender and age category checks through to data cleaning , we complete an end-to-end data correction and sorting procedure to ensure accuracy. As the saying goes ‘garbage in = garbage out’… and we don’t do garbage.

Data maintenance

Our backup procedures are thorough and well maintained. We regularly perform system wide backup of participant data (both in the Cloud and on physical devices), to ensure that your participant data and results are never lost. Need to find out how many people have completed 10 years of your event? No problem. Organise a few races and want to check who their fastest time this year? No problem.

For athletes

Give your athletes the power to use our results engine as an archive for their results. Our results site offers athletes a single point which they can check and compare results and performances that we have timed. We can even create a custom location where only your events are shown. Don’t worry, all data is kept private and confidential. Only name, finish times and generic category ranges are included. Click here to search for all your results with us or have a look at the example below.

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