TAVI – Corporate & Exhibition Contact Tracing

Welcome to a new world of automated contact tracing. Transponder assisted visitor information (TAVI) enables the effective implementation of visitor flow measurements, contact tracing and capacity recording. TAVI is the ideal solution for exhibitions, trade shows and corporations interested in recording and monitoring visitor flow. The team at Sports Event Services utilise ultra high frequency (UHF) transponder technology to anonymously record real-time movement of visitors within facilities, events, exhibitions and corporations.

Scenario 1 – Capacity Stop Recording

A museum needs to adhere to various government regulations with regards to social distancing, ensuring maximum capacity within any one room. With the help of TAVI, we can monitor, count and manage visitor entry and exit in real time. Pre-set capacity limits can be set to ensure regulations are met. As visitors enter a room, data and counts are automatically updated and sent to servers. The automation of this process ensures accuracy and can reduce the need of human resources. Automated entry and exit counts further help to ensure constant flow of visitors as capacity data is updated in real time. A further benefit can be found in relation to having data available to support contact tracing, should this be required to determine those visitors affected.

Benefit to operators

  1. Capacity limits are always maintained
  2. Capacity limits are monitored electronically
  3. Attendance duration for unique visitors stored for future analysis
  4. Maximise flow and movement of visitors without human interaction
  5. Enhance displays and rooms based on stay duration

Scenario 2 – Evaluation of room popularity

An art gallery is hosting a special two day exhibition which contain multiple rooms, each with different displays and themes. Organisers are interested in the visitor movements throughout the facility. With TAVI we can trace the movements of visitors, anonymously, as well as duration within each room. This data can be utilised by the organiser to show popularity displays based on visitor movements and duration of room stays. Consequently, this data can provide valuable insight to assist in future planning of exhibitions.

Benefit to operators

  1. Automated ‘duration of stay’ data gathered and stored for future analysis.
  2. Monitor room/gallery popularity.
  3. Time of day popularity and trends.
  4. Adjust and enhance room displays based on duration of stay.

Setup example – Visitor Flow

Learn and adapt to your visitor movements

How we do it?

We use a UHF transponder which is can be affixed to a sticker, lanyard, ticket or any other item carried by a visitor.

Scope of implementation

Comfort, well-being and health are paramount to visitor’s positive experience. Let visitors move freely throughout your facility, whilst TAVI gathers valuable data on movements. We work with organisations to implement solutions that help analyse visitor flow in real time.

  • Count visitors and customers anonymously in different locations (entrances, exits, passageways, halls, rooms, expo booths)
  • Determine length of stay in defined areas and locations
  • Create heatmaps of popular visitor areas
  • Track visitor routes within your facility
  • Optimize customer experience and personnel planning based on visitor movements
  • Automatic admission stop with a specified maximum number of visitors (e.g. visual traffic light solution)
  • Freedom of movement without the need to be checked by human contact
  • Contact tracing: Recognize the simultaneous presence of visitors in predefined areas/rooms
  • A tracing integrated in the event or exhibition concept can make increased visitor numbers possible
  • Targeted evaluation of the data if necessary
  • Collect and analyze marketing-relevant data

Advantages & efficiencies

We understand that personnel are crucial in day to day operations and we want to maximise your business efficiency. Our TAVI solution works without intervention, ensuring your site personnel can focus on fulfilling normal day to day tasks and operations without additional workload.

  • Low-priced, disposable and contactless passive transponders
  • We recommend lanyards, but are happy to discuss other alternatives (e.g. tickets) that the visitor visibly carries with them
  • Centrally controlled solution without relying on smartphone apps
  • Independent of GPS reception and battery life
  • Fast, uncomplicated, wireless installation (DIY)
  • 4G GSM connection
  • Low maintenance
  • Detection accuracy >99.8%
  • Fully anonymous data collection in real-time
  • Privacy: No transfer of personal data to third parties (if the assignment is desired, the information remains with the TAVI operator)
  • Secure access to data via web application
  • Data safely stored on servers for access anytime
  • Ready to use immediately, hardware delivery within few days

Secure. Reliable. Powerful.

All of the data collected can be evaluated in a non-personalized way to measure the length of stay, visitor density and main visiting times; or, if necessary, for effective contact tracing. With just a few simple steps, the organizer can install small boxes at key locations and distribute disposable lanyards to all visitors.

Tracking or Tracing?

Tracking and tracing are often used in the same context, but they differentiate significantly.

Data and prior assignment followed in real-time, usually by way of GPS through location services.

Contact tracing aims at a subsequent assignment of contacts and traces movements of a UHF transponder.

Why Tracing?
An advancement from logistics, tracing has been used to investigate and streamline production chains. Tracing of movement within facilities are now commonplace. For data protection and privacy reasons, tracing is often preferred by users. Users can be assured that no personal data is gathered or used and that only a simple unique identifier is used to trace movements within the facility.

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